Get a Wheel for Christmas

Giant Wheels UK, an instant landmark to your town, event or attraction

During the festive period, your town or attraction could have a wheel decorated to compliment the cheery holiday, achieved through lighting, decorations and a festive gondola.

Light up the Snowflake

When we set up our wheels over the Christmas period, we can add some festive cheer to the wheel like our large illuminated snow flake attached to the centre of the wheel, the themed gondola with a Christmas scene that can be viewed as it rotates and high quality decorations to the platform and pay station of the wheel, including candy canes, elves, reindeer and, of course, Santa.

Lights are the key

With most festive events, lights play a big part of making it special and generally the wheel is illuminated brilliant white after dark, however through the festive period it can be fitted with powerful architectural LED up-lighters that will gradually change the colour of the whole wheel, slowly from white to red then to green. This spectacular light show will only occur on the hour every hour lasting

A Christmas backdrop

At The Giant Wheel Company, we would love for our wheels to form part of Christmas celebrations throughout the UK, spreading Christmas cheer and acting as backdrop in towns and attractions.

If you’re interested in a ‘Christmas Wheel’ for your town or attraction for the festive period,then please get in touch via email .

We ♥ Stratford-upon-Avon’s Big Wheel

We had a super time on the wheel and will definitely be back again when we have friends and family to stay, but a super experience and a good time today is not the only reason we’re excited about Stratford-upon-Avon’s brand new Big Wheel. There’s also the fact that it, while it stands by the riverside for the next 6 months, will bring more visitors to our town and will act as a pretty addition to the Stratford-upon-Avon skyline. It’s simple, really: We ♥ Stratford-upon-Avon’s Big Wheel and we’re sure you will too.