Giant observation Wheel
Giant Wheel


The Giant Wheel was built in 1989 by the Dutch attraction engineers the Kroon family, who later founded the renowned ride fabrication company KMG.

The Kroon family travelled the Wheel for five years in the Netherlands and across the continent, as far as the former Yugoslavia, where it had to be quickly dismantled with the outbreak of war.

The Wheel was brought to the UK in 1994, when it appeared as one of the highlights of that year's Nottingham Goose Fair. From here it spent three years at the Ocean Beach amusement park in Rhyl, North Wales, before being purchased by Gore & de–Koning.

The ride saw in the new millennium at Piccadilly Gardens in central Manchester and since passing into its current ownership has also appeared at events in Ireland, the Isle of Man and the length and breadth of the UK. These include appearances as a standalone attraction in Bristol, Gloucester, Blackburn and Warrington.

Following extensive refurbishment by De–Koning Leisure, the Giant Wheel now boasts a contemporary “all white” appearance and is available now for your event or attraction.
Giant Wheel bathed in the sunshine, and an eyecatching landmark for any event
Giant Wheel
The Giant Wheel view
The Giant Wheel pictured at Night Time and fully illuminated
Giant Wheel at Blackburn with festive decorations around the loading station and entrance
Giant Wheel
The Giant Wheel is an integral part of Lincoln's Christmas Market, and is pictured covered in seasonal snow in this picture
The Giant Wheel pictured alongside the Brittania Stadium Stoke
Height 35.00 metres
Diameter 33.00 metres
Height main axle 18.35 metres
Base width 20.60 metres
Base depth 16.97 metres
Number of gondolas 24
Passengers per gondola 6
Max load per gondola 450kg
Maximum load per ride 10,800kg/144 persons
Power supply 415, 3ph, 150kva
Lighting system 6,000 x 60v/10w bulbs
Transport 4 semi-trailers
Giant Wheel
Giant Wheel standing at 33 metres tall